Basscoast 2014 Forecast :: Michael Red

It is recommended that you listen to this mix while reading for best results.

If you’re from the Pacific Northwest or you have attended Basscoast or Shambhala in recent years, the name Michael Red should be familiar to you. If not, you are certainly missing out.

For those who don’t know, Michael Red is a producer and dj with an eclectic range of releases. He is active with Vancouver bass scene renegades Lighta! Sound and record label Modern Math. He also runs a boutique label called Low Indigo. Along with being a bass pusher, he has produced and performed with the legendary Tanya Tagaq.

Suffice it to say, Mr. Red is a pillar in the Cascadian electronic music community. He also personally introduced me to Bass Music so i’ve got a lot of respect for the man.

So, when I found out he was once again on the bill for Basscoast I knew that he would be able to dish out some powerful knowledge to help everyone get the best out of their festival experience.

Who are you most excited to see? Very specifically, who might I not know/who are the up-and-comers?
I’m going to try my best to see Natasha Kemeto, Monolithium’s live set, A Thousand Years, Kline, Gisto, Dbridge, Danny Corn, 8prn, Addison Groove, Headhunter, Crimson, Sergio Levels, Dan Solo, Lorne B, Graze, all my lighta! cats, and there’s a bunch more i’d totally check out too. There’s only so many hours in the day… stoked to just explore and check names I don’t know as well.
Who would you like to see at Basscoast next year? i.e., who are the artists that scream ‘Basscoast vibe’?
Honestly I’d rather just see what Andrea and Liz and team comes up with, rather than speculate or request.
Best party tips (with an emphasis on safety)?
The usual: drink lots of water and be wary of the sun. Eat good food to keep your fuel up.My personalized party thing is to put whiskey into a 2L of sparkling spring water. I don’t make the mix super strong either. With that I stay hydrated and don’t have to reload often and it’s look kinda dumb (which i like).
What should I bring to eat?
I always bring fruit and juice and trail mix as back up. Sometimes tofurkey dogs. I usually eat at the vendors for my main meals and that.
Can you give me a list ofUnknown Useables?
  • back up lighters
  • spare ear plugs to give away (folks are always in need)
  • stupid non-functional things that are funny
  • vitamin c and echinacea and stuff like that, just incase
  • black tourmaline for the larger sized mosquitos
What is it that makes Basscoast? And, where does it excel when compared to other festivals?
For me, I find there’s way more music that I’m personally interested in compared to other BC summer festivals. Generally speaking, compared to other festivals, I find there’s more “current” and forward-moving and possibly even a bit more left-field music at Basscoast. I feels like there’s a lot of care and intention put into that actual musical aspect, compared to the “party party” experience that is separate from art – and that is of value to me. Don’t get me wrong – i’m not knocking celebration, other styles of music and people simply getting together and having fun. I’m just speaking to my own personal preferences, yup.
When are you playing?
The last sunrise on the smaller vibey stage. And also throwing down with the crew for the lighta! reggae jam on Saturday afternoon.

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