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The horse riding, chainsaw wielding goddess, Andrea Graham, who after DJing as The Librarian for about a decade now is a flag bearer of multi-genre dance floor vibes is meow than just that, she’s also an idol for the larger scale grassroots “bass music” scene here in the Pacific Northwest. I’m sure if she were there with you right now, she would politely say, from behind her spectacles, “shhhhh… just read”.

If you were to attend one of your shows, big or small, what elements would be attracting you out? What would your friends be saying about The Librarian—egging you out to dance say, on a Tuesday of all nights?

Well, Tuesday’s in Whistler are an anomaly. The town is always full of mtn bikers, snowboarders, and skiers who ride all day and are down to come out on a Tuesday night. Mat the Alien and I play a tag team set every week on 3 turntables and we have a variety of international guests whoLibrarian_Photo Thom Hamilton drop in to play while on tour. There’s also a “really good” crew of locals who come out each week and who have become my friends. Over the years the night has evolved from a originally a dubstep night into an underground bass night that covers everything from jungle and hip hop to footwork and booty bass. It’s fun and light hearted and every week it’s different. We trade off playing new tunes and mat scratches like a madman. It’s a great place to try out new sounds and see how the crowd reacts. If I were attending one of my shows, I’d be drawn out to hear new sounds and be moved to dance. I love going to dark & sweaty corners and hearing my friends throwing down their new creations.
Forward with the music, life is a remix right? Anyway, having played shows and festivals everywhere in BC and even internationally at Costa Rica’s Envision festival, do you find the venue influences your selection? Can you recall any visual components that might have influenced your set? Also, when, where and what would prime-time look like when it comes to people experiencing your sound?

Yes venues can influence my selection. For example when I got to Envision Festival in Costa Rica I was inspired by the fire cannons and the hot humid jungle to change my set from a deeper and darker vibe to a high energy jungle & footwork vibe. It seemed to suit the location and stage design in the jungle. Prime-time for me is playing at Bass Coast. Because I work on every detail of the festival throughout the year, it’s a total thrill to throw down in the midst of the fest with all my friends and fam in support. To top it off, last year while finishing my set, I was officially invited to join Lighta! Sound. It was amazing to have everyone up on stage with me.

Librarian Basscoast set_banner

Congratulations on Basscoast’s large success! It’s my first time heading to BassCoast this year and I understand it’s meow than just a dance party, it’s all about improving quality of life in so many ways so, what improvements have you made to your own life this past year? Also, what were the biggest takeaways from BassCoast 2013?
This year I’ve made quite a few improvements but the list still seems to be forever growing. I tried to create more balance in my life by including more Yoga and Mtn biking in my week. I love getting out in the forest but can easily get caught up in computer world and miss my window of time to get outside. Also, I am trying to spend more time with my friends and family. It’s so easy to let that slip when everyone has a busy life… but it is so worth it when you make the effort.
I definitely feel like there is a large group of people who I really love, but who I don’t get much time with to really go deep, transformational festivals like yours allow that kind of connection, if only once a year. This year, number 6, you’ve dangerously chosen Mutiny as the theme, are you bringing in a bunch of cut-throat musicians? Will there be treasure chests full of rum for everyone?! Why Mutiny?

Liz and I stumbled upon the Mutiny theme after mulling around many other ideas. LIGHTA_1When Mutiny came up, it seemed so fitting. Bass Coast is a temporary village for 1 week each year where we as a community have the opportunity to create our own existence. Everyone can let go of everyday expectations and live free from the ties of the internet, phone, and consumerism. During Bass Coast we have the power to create our own rules like say hello to EVERYONE you walk by, dance until the sun comes up, or share every meal with your neighbour. We have the opportunity to break free from the status quo and live our creative selves. This is a peaceful mutiny. We are all working together to create a better existence if only for the weekend.
YAR! Oh meow, I do want to know, why “The Librarian”? Where did that come from? Do you only share your tunes expecting them back within a due date?

Shhh… I file my music meticulously. Don’t you know the rules? Late fees always apply.
Lastly, if you were a meal and drink to pair, what would you be?

Depends on the season, but this summer day has me leaning towards a margarita on the rocks with fish taco’s.
Follow in silence... No talking.

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