Voices: April M

April M

Twas well past midnight, I was still amped from the raving that had just perspired—I mean transpired, whatever—I managed a chat with ex-local, bass music pusher, April M. The mastermind behind the legendary Theory Thursday nights, which used to be held on a weekly basis at Hush Nightclub. She’s been living in Vancouver for a minute now, and us island dancers have been wondering what such a wicked person is up to over there, across the pond. I mean, it’s not like April’s a stranger to the Vancouver scene, as she consistently pulled big acts from Lighta! or Shah DJs to play Theory in the past. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s somewhat dark, moody and most likely straight off the deep end as well…

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So first, why “Theory”?
The word kinda came from John—Outsider—was helping me start the night from the beginning, we wanted something that would go with Thursdays, obviously, cause’ we knew it was gunna be Thursdays. And, theory just worked, I don’t know, there wasn’t a lot of reason behind it. It was like, last minute he was designing my very first flyer and last second we just had to pick a word that worked—and it worked!

FIRST theory thursday_ever

Yeah it worked! bringing the Theory to the people, method to the dance floor madness. So, is there Theory in Vancouver?
No Theory in Vancouver *sadface*
So what are you up to in Vancouver instead of Theory, shows wise?
Right now I’m helping do the bookings for the Nautilus night at Anza. The concept behind that night is that it’s supposed to be the replacement for the record store atmosphere. Like when everyone used to actually go to the record store and buy records. It was somewhere where everyone in the scene would meet up and talk about music, talk about shows they wanted to do, or their new favorite tracks—or whatever, before everyone was online all the time. Now that the record store doesn’t exist anymore, the night was started to bring that sense of community back, face to face, instead of it just being online.
Word. Keepin’ it real! Funny how being face to face is like a breath of fresh air these days. The online approach can feel fragmented really quick
Ya—hahah—there’s a collective of about 9 of us that do the bookings and we rotate month to month, we all promote everybody’s shows and we all hopefully go to all of them—which doesn’t always happen because people have [other] jobs. Though, it does have a good following so far and it’s only deeper vibes, any genre, just deeper. We also do 8-10pm open decks. The room we’re in at Anza is a private room in the basement. It’s super tiny with pool tables, not really a dance floor vibe, everyone is sitting around talking having a couple beer. It goes from 8pm-1am, but it can stay open till 2am, they just choose not to because it’s on a Wednesday.
So who’s the best pool player in the scene?
I don’t know, I don’t pay attention to the pool.
Fair, you have your priorities. So apart from the Nautilus night, are you working with anyone else? I know you’ve worked with artists from Lighta! Sound before.
Well, they [Lighta!] are not involved in that night. I do eventually want to do shows in Vancouver, but I’m waiting maybe about a year before I do anything on my own, because I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or compete with anyone like Lighta! for example. Also, I can’t do what I was doing in Victoria over in Vancouver, because everyone I would get for a special event is already being booked a lot and throwing their own shows. So right now I’m just going to shows, meeting new people, assessing where I’m needed. I don’t want to get an idea of it in my head either because I’d rather just wait for it to come naturally.
I can tell you you’re needed here, In Victoria, at any venue. Make your selection… Anyway, a little tangent, what’s your current view on the word “dubstep”?
Well I think that it has a bad connotation, but what I think of is still the deeper original dubstep. What dubstep has turned into is something else, they are just calling it the same thing. When I hear the word dubstep I don’t think Excision, I don’t think “brostep,” I still think of the good, like, Deaga Sound or DJG, deeper, awesome stuff. Yeah.
So we have a case of underground cultural appropriation here, but I think you would agree that it’s not a war. Now, could you point out some differences between the clubs in Victoria and Vancouver? Different sound systems, artist selection is broader, and the crowd is bigger right?
Well, there’s just so much going on there. It’s different. More people are doing it for the money, which you can feel. I don’t think as many people are doing it just because they love the music.

–part of April’s entourage comes to start the move out of Hush, it’s 2:50am–

So last question, name all the artists you can that have been at Theory. Go!
Taal Mala, Max Ulis, Daega Sound, Self Evident, Tank Gyal, DJG, Reilley Steel, Mike Q, Distal, DJ Cure, Tusk, Clix from Suave Assassins, JFKillah, Kir Mokum… that’s just some of the non-locals. I know I’m forgetting more out of town people…
Ok, take us all the way back, who were the first people to ever play Theory?
The very first show was The Big Reds—Gobe, Rhythmicon & Frame—Patience Automate and Outsider.
Wicked. Those dudes are some of my favourite local heavyweights, then and today, but especially during the golden era(of dubstep)… Thanks for everything April. See you in the deep.
I’ve attended more of April’s shows than I can count—errr, or remember—so speaking from direct, and at this point unquantifiable experience, I feel that Theory Thursday’s were a staple and highlight to each week of the past 3 years it ran. I’m sure those who know will agree. And those who don’t well—YA DUNN KNOO! hahahahaha

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