Cenote: Thirteen Steps Down, Thirteen Steps to the Underground.

It is at the bottom of these thirteen steps, on the north side of Yates street that you’ll find a lounge like no other. Cenote–named after naturally occurring watering holes which provide partial reprieve from the hot sun–is a community space which has been intentionally developed by owners Kevin, Marc, and Seth. The goal, according to Seth, has been to create a safe space for culture to develop and thrive all the while cultivating a food and dinning experience unique to downtown Victoria.

When asked about the name, Seth explained that they needed to choose something which would not only reflect the physical nature of online casino julietta the space–thirteen steps below street level–but would also frame the intention of the space–a place where anyone can come and take refuge if only for a brief stint. In a sense this name serves to recontextualizing a sun-less underground cave into a communal space of safety and freedoms.

Over its two years of existence, Cenote has become a vertex for seemingly disparate groups. Friday and Saturday nights you will hear local Victoria DJs mixing tunes, focusing their flow for a space significantly divergent from most nightclub. Any other day of the week the possibilities are expansive: blues bands, flamenco, comedians, and the occasional Bitcoin workshops. Sometimes you pop in and find tarot readings and/or the playing of it’s modern cousin. In essence, a cultural mélange has established itself around a base(ment) occupied with respect and equality. In other words, despite the difficulties which confront any business, the project that is Cenote has met, and continues to meet, the goals set out by its authors.

A question prevails, if this project is a success, what is next?

I do not wish to hide my subjectivities in regards to this space. It is here that I celebrate the good times and the tragic. It is here that I meet new friends and old alike. This is my home away from home.