We are all sweaty hot from these long Vancouver summer days.   Why not get hotter?

It’s summer after all, might as well embrace it.

Come skank with New York City-based Jamaican-American Easy Star All-Stars.

When? ::: Thursday, July 23, 2015

doors ::: 8:00 p.m  | show ::: 9:30 p.m.

Where? ::: Venue Nightclub


When these beats leak into your body, there will be nothing for you to do but dance about it. I promise you, if you haven’t danced to a live 15-piece band before, this will be an evening to remember. If you enjoy Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Radiohead or Michael Jackson, and a little spicy Jamaican beat-sauce, there is no doubt that you will enjoy Easy Star All-Stars.


Tickets are available: pre-sale online for $30 or hardcopy at ::

Zulu Records, Rehanah’s Roti, Highlife Records, The Patty Shop or The Caribbean Market.

This reggae collective is not to be missed.

Who else would possibly risk remixing Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” and actually do it justice? Easy Star All-Stars do it, and do so with their unique, twisted style and fresh SKA sassy-smooth riffs. I mean, I thought some albums were simply off limits – untouchable, un-coverable, too worshipped and cherished to re-cover. But somehow Easy Star All-Stars gets away with it, brilliantly. In their skanky, wonderful way, they’ve created “Dub Side of the Moon.” And it is saucy and sassy, a tribute album but also a stand-alone album, an entity entirely unto itself. And begs to be danced to, and experienced live.

Who else would possibly get away with redoing Radiohead’s “OK Computer” and somehow give it a fresh breath, while keeping true to the juicy core of the album? How did Easy Star All-Star insert newness into an album that is radically faultless? Kill the British beat just to see what will come of it, and add skanky SKA Jamaica, kiss up the joy level, life isn’t so sad as Thom Yorke sometimes makes it out to be.

Easy Star All-Star is a rotating register of musician and singers – up to 15 performers on stage at once. Who will be playing for you? Michael Goldwasser, Victor Axelrod, Patrick Dougher, Victor Rice, Buford O’Sullivan, Joanne Williams, Kirsty Rock, Cliff Simpson, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Start your weekend off with your dancin’ shoes on.

Come skank with the entire crew.

Really, though.



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