LISTEN :: cAthedrAls :: EP Preview

cAthedrAls’ beauty has haunted us since Fall last year when they delivered a darkly emotive live set, wrapped in cerebral musings of virtue and metaphor on CFUV’s evening show Made You Look. It was the perfect sound for a Fall day after dark and we wanted more but, they offered nothing in the way of media. “No facebook page, no twitter, no tumblr”, said Dan Gdlvtch, who is in charge of cAthedrAls’ laser bass. Heartbreaking.

For the last 12 months all we’ve had is the ghost of a memory of that autumn broadcast, until now, as cAthedrAls have just made public two cuts off their self-titled debut EP. The first, Humility, is heavy with messages of gorgeous angst, delivered by the voice of an angel and if it weren’t for the busyness of the percussion the weight of the baseline would surely smother the listener. Track two, Fortune Blessed, is an off-kilter construction of warm bass, half visible chords, warped claps, prophetic raps and a great deal of textural elements best left unnamed. Here’s the stream–of conscience and vibes.

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