cAthedrAls’ magic lies somewhere on the axis of where witchcraft meets hip-hop. Their self-titled début EP offers six tracks of dark, though at times warm, spellbinding movements. Refreshingly, the EP is reminiscent of nothing we’ve heard come out of Fernwood, Victoria, BC.

If you’ve ever renovated a heritage house that was haunted you’ve felt how I feel when I listen to cAthedrAls. OKPK’s productions are ominous, somewhat weathered but built to last. Organic soundscapes veiled in thick synthetics provide a home for both vocalists. Antonia’s otherworldly voice hallows Vessels and Humility, while Offerings and Fortune Blessed are literally blessed by MC Magicus Carpetus. Conjuring and Backwards are also truly bewitching listens, both beat heavy and no less ethereal than the rest of the EP. cAthedrAls aims to “inspire sacredness and magic” in other’s lives. Captivating indeed, we say caveat audiens–let the listener beware.

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