It’s been a while since we heard of a Laggards release; except for My Sad L’s featured as a free download above, but never mind that one. We sincerely thought they might have gone to work for Driftwood Brewery. Honestly, they probably took their time in the studio because their debut EP 4 U was riding the success wave really well. Remember who was topping the CFUV charts back in April, May and June of last year? Laggards.


Anyway, summer is over and the guys are back from touring. Having played festivals like Tall Tree and Rifflandia, among city clubs and municipal parks, they finally announced their new and impending EP SoFeels. It’s a promise of #epic #sosad #hearttalk which should be somewhat #tite and #onpoint. However, we know these Laggards are all about teasing and toying with their audience, they’ve even gone as far as to say they want to offend their fans, in a previous interview. All that aside, the boys have actually shared with us an exclusive preview of the work they say is coming out this upcoming Nov 25th.

The track is titled Haunt Me. It’s a lovely arrangement of heartfelt piano, thick bass-driven kicks, twisted vocals chopped right out of Coldplay (or something else we don’t listen to) and joyous percussion that makes you just waant to clap along. stream it below.

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