For those who don’t know, we at Vibeups are based out of the mild-weathered, picturesque and pretty safe “town” of Victoria, BC. Here the city’s southern suburbs reach the pacific ocean’s coast and the periphery is home to 600-year-old Douglas fir trees and western red cedar. What’s more, the local university used to be home to hundreds of wild rabbits, free to be caught and pet! To bad they were massacred…

You know, even though it’s real nice here, sometimes the city, in all it’s urbaness, can get on our nerves and become intoxicating. It’s during times like these that we seek out aid, help, Urban Therapy if you will. And since vibes have been “sick” lately, that time is now.

Urban Therapy, UR|TH for short, is a collective of youths who have combined visionary forces to bring Victoria’s inner-city nightlife a taste of something less standard, more deep and experimental. The events will include futuristic visual and sonic components, in unusual settings. Definitely not your usual city night party vibe. Listen to the preview mix below, courtesy of DubSelekta.

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