Voices: Laggards Part 3

Laggards’ got yak for days, even when it falls behind the curve, it just sounds good. So here we have part three of maybe quatro–meaning four in Spanish–of an in-depth chat with this amazing duo on the come up. In this chapter we get well candid, talking about things like sweat pants, cereal, twerking and more; including an #onpoint question from the homie Dennis Marchand. Also, be sure to come get fresh at the duo’s EP release party, Tuesday March 25th.

…I agree, it’s special.

Colin: We will have been in the moment; we will have experienced one point in time, only for ourselves that no one else here had but, not even because they weren’t us. Even if they were here they wouldn’t experience this the way we did.
So what would you call that quality, you’re a subjective music “head”—

Colin: I’m a momentist… it’s all I got.
A “momentist”, fresh. What’s the fuel running this drive? Does alcohol help you focus?

Colin: I think you know the answer to that.Dan: I thought you said there would be fat tugs (Driftwood’s king of IPAs) at this interview Pax.

The real Laggards

ya, I didn’t mean the drink, evidently. Anyway, we’ve talked about taste; kinda who you are and your vibe. Are you guys producing right now, or is it just the on-stage back and forth?

Colin: We’re working on a remix right now that’s just about done, after that there’s nothing on the docket, but eventually—everything we do is very spontaneous.Dan: I’m very happy about the remix, how it’s shaping up, because I feel like the approach has largely stayed true to the spirit of Laggards, cuz it’s kinda just a fuck you.
Colin: It’s very collaborative and not at all like the original.
Dennis Marchand: so what is the artistic appeal in terms of logos, visual aesthetic etc…?

Colin:Laggards doesn’t do that so far—we’re a bit too half assed to develop our branding.Dan: but we’re embracing that, like our last Laggards show I played in sweat pants. It was the comfiest time I’ve ever had on stage.Colin: Very tight, very hashtag tight

Ironic tight. I’ve actually seen Ryan Hemsworth do a set in sweat pants.

Colin: Reaally? Vincent Parker also plays while in sweat pants. Dude! There are a plethora of DJs and producers out there who DJ in sweat pants and probably produce in sweat pants too, in their bedrooms.Dan: : I produce in a suit. *Dennis Marchand: and it shows*Colin: : I produce in only underwear sometimes, in my bed.

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**S P O I L E R**

EP 4 U_edit

what’s your favourite cereal?

Colin Goldie grahams. Dan, yours must be kamut or some fuckin’ bullshit like that.Dan: pretty much whatever’s growing in my yard… I mean, heirloom.Colin: But what’s wrong with Goldie Grahams?! They are tasty as fuck–Trust me tho, Dan does not eat cereal, he’s way above that shit.

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Dan: I’m on granola son. I don’t have it with fucking milk; I use yoghurt that I make myself.

Laggards is half home-grown, self made DIY shit. That’s hip I guess.

Dan: I’m trying to come up with some Drum & Bass joke action… Photek-Os!
Like you need big braces to eat Metal Heads cereal?—eeeehhr, aesthetics, what movie would you like to have playing in the background at a Laggards set?

Colin: Oh FUCK, I’ve thought about this a lot. Probably like Top Gun. Movies I like, Willow, Boondock Saints, anything from the 80s, not that we’re going to play a lot of 80s music but I just like those visuals, soft lighting, maybe just a porn movie. That would make Dan uncomfortable.Dan: Not if I had sweat pants on.
Is Laggards ever going to have a twerking contest?

Dan: only once twerking has fully left the public vocabulary, and it comes as a shock. We can put it together at the tail end of the band wagon, when people are already pretty disgusted by it.Colin:-twerk, that’s the music that we make.

Chalk Magic

To be continued? … Maybe when these artists have some music we can talk about.