A ManiFestival

.Wake Up!

I seriously think this generation will party the world to a higher plane of existence.
We venture into the forest, the desert, the city, leaving behind the constrictions of our former lives. Trying on each others’ clothes, we find Just The Thing and declare, “this is me!” We follow the currents until we find our nexus: perfect crowd, perfect music, perfect mind-blowing visuals.

Once we are safe and self-identified, it ceases to be about us and becomes about Us. The carefully selected tracks reveal their true nature as notes in One Long Song. All we want to do is build, co-create, welcome in.

“But,” you say, “what about the seedy underbelly?”

The drugs, the deaths, the derangements…

“Necessary evils,” some would say.

I say fuck that.

We are in the process of remembering how to take care of each other. Of ourselves. And the drugs? They are only a tool; they are not It. We all know that one. There are so many other ways to get high. To tell your neurons from some spot in time “you’re fired”. Try preparing and imbibing a line of poetry. I know it works for me.

You know what else releases dopamine in the brain? Connection. That is my drug of choice. Look me in the eyes, dance with me, tell me any little piece of your story. Your shiny eyes light me up. And even more so when they brighten with the realization that I am seeing you. A whole new spin on positive feedback loops.

I get higher off my best friends than anything I could consume. But you too, person I have just met. You are seriously the shit. You know that, but maybe you need to know someone else sees it too. I do, I promise. They all see it. Some are just too wrapped up in self-doubt to express it. No one has told them yet they, too, are the shit.

It’s okay, I used to hide too. But this isn’t about me. Why are you hiding your particular incarnation of Jah?

Let’s go tell them together. Let’s go make an army of shiny-eyed humans, bursting into the party and singing, “Wake Up!”

Wake Up!


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